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All Ukrainian creative agencies in one place.
Project Showreel

Ukrainian Power is a showcase

of Ukrainian creative agencies of

various specializations, where you

can quickly find a partner among the

Ukrainian creative market.


Our goal was to create a place where all creatives are gathered. So that a customer from any country can quickly get acquainted and find the perfect partner to create cool design solutions.

Our role:

We had to focus on attracting the attention of customers and business representatives from other countries. At the same time, we remembered the reason that prompted us to create this site - the current war in Ukraine. Thus, we came to the conclusion that the site should help you quickly find the right company and at the same time clearly convey the main message.



In this site, we decided to combine usefulness in the form of large and understandable blocks in which there is no unnecessary information and at the same time we wanted to reveal the emotion with which Ukrainians live every day.

We have posted only the most important information about the agencies. So that when people open the site, they immediately understand that they are dealing with professionals.


How do we reveal emotion? The video and blur effect on the homepage convey the pain of war while bold steady text blocks express strength and the Ukrainian desire to fight.


We also knew that our site would be viewed by foreign creative agencies. So we approached them with our idea that we wanted to collaborate and not be competitors, symbolically blurring that option on hover.


We decided to convey our confidence and perseverance through bright large forms and short but eye-catching messages.

All teams

The All Teams page shows Ukrainian agencies help international companies find ideal partners, and strengthen their business with the UkrainianPower. Where they can be found by international companies and offered partnerships.


We also created a mobile version that retained all the functionality, essence and ease of use.


We paid special attention to the numbers, as this is what we can be proud of in spite of any difficulties. A minimum of text - a maximum of really important information.


We have also created a page telling about us as the creators of this initiative. Where the first block is occupied by a showreel that will tell more than a long description. At the same time, we decided to present even the text part in an unusual grid so that you would like to read it.

We used simple but effective techniques that involve the guests of our site. The circle associated with the magnifying glass, which must be moved to see the information, creates the effect of focusing on details.


The have allocated a separate page for answers to questions to make the site as informative as possible. Thus, the potential client gets a complete understanding of the idea and moves to the stage of cooperation faster.